Event Outline

“TERRADA ART AWARD” is the event hosted by Warehouse TERRADA , which provides art works storage service. We contribute to the development of modern art by supporting awards winner ‘s art working. At AWARD 2014, the works with the way of plane expression of painting, installation and textiles had awarded. Potentiality of plane expression is unlimited. We expect your works will break with a precedent in the art world.

About Warehouse TERRADA

Founded in 1950 and grown by storage service and real estate industry with a central focus on Tennoz Isle Area. The company is active in various fields with capitalizing on their expertise of utilizing space.
On the storage service, TERRADA provides the storage for specialized product and has been evaluated at storage of art works, wine and film media within their industry.
Especially for the department of Art works storage, TERRADA develop art business with expertise from another perspective. They constructed T-Art Gallery, exhibit space of Art works in their warehouse, and Terratoria, adjacent multipurpose spaces, and puts out culture of art from warehouse district, Tennoz.

Introduction of Judge

  • Artist/ Associate Professor of Hiroshima City University
    Atsushi Suwa

    I don’t deny that luck and chance-met control whether if you can continue your artist activities or not, no matter how talented you are. Though, I hope the award prize amply repays for artists who have been making efforts on creating art, and I would like to find out your talent that is not a just coincidence.

  • Artist/ Professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design
    Natsunosuke Mise

    After heated screening of the first TERRADA ART AWARD, I could imagine the direction of the award. It doesn’t matter that your work is untrained and coarse-grained. We decided to cooperate your possibility in artworks. I want to see spectacular and compelling images as blueprint of a new world that you will create.

  • Administration Officer of Sato Cultural Scholarship Foundation/ Chief Curator of Sato Museum
    Kei Tatejima

    The second year of the award starts soon. Unless you are always challenging and trying to progress, then you cannot say it is “new” in a true context. We are willing to make every effort to meet demands from artists and society.

  • Artist
    Mai Miyake

    I want to be the person whom I can tell my message, do what only I can do, be indifferent to what others think of, not fall into self-satisfaction, look hard whatever the weather, and create the artworks someone would like to keep in their hands. I’m looking forward to meeting your artworks on screening.

  • Washi Designer/ Representative Director of ERIKO HORIKI ASSOCIATES Co., Ltd.
    Eriko Horiki

    On the encounter between TERRRADA ART AWARD and young artists, I hope you challenge to change the existing art concepts and create unique works beyond genre and materials.

  • Art Producer/ Director of Contemporary Art Foundation
    Yumi Yamaguchi

    Everyone who will submit TERRADA ART AWARD, please send us the challenging pictures for initial screening. Though your motivation is invisible, we can feel your genius from your artworks. See you at the Award Ceremony!


1 Grand Prize : Prize of 5 million yen
7 Excellent Prize : Prize of a half million yen
〈Other Prizes〉
Warehouse TERRADA feels the need of continuous support for outstanding artists.
We will support artists who are selected in TERRADA ART AWARD in various ways, and help them become International artists.
1)Providing up to 600,000yen/year for art supplies
2)Free rent of our atelier for 2 years
3)Up to 600,000yen/year subsidy for 2 years
4)Submission to Art Taipei and Art Fair Tokyo
5)Publications on various media, PR
6)Holding solo exhibitions at T-Art Gallery
7)Selling artworks (including the old ones)
8)Introducing to related field experts and stakeholders
9)Various supports (paper works for studying abroad, making applications etc.)
〈Exhibition of TERRADA ART AWARDS finalists〉
Exhibition of 20 Art work selected by Final Screening will be held at T-Art Gallery.
On first day of exhibition, Awards party and talk-show of Artist or panel discussion of the judges will be held.
Date : October 30(Fri.)-November 22(Sun.) 2015

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All artists living in Japan and aged 18-39 regardless of nationality can submit to this AWARD.You must carry your works into predefined place (Tennoz) on the predefined schedules with your own expense.


Work must be plane expression of painting, picture and print art and be able to store in WarehouseTERRADA. Not specify Genre and theme. Must be expressed by modern artist.

Initial Screening

Image data examination:submission image data on the Web
Period of submission:May 11(Mon) 2015 – July 6(Mon) 2015
Initial screening result:mid of July, 2015
Submission price:three thousand yen
Not specify size of original work at image data screening.

Submission data

Within 2 Art works for each artist→ within 4 image data
Size of data→ within 20 MB in total 4 data
Data format→ JPEG

Final Screening

Screening unreleased art works which were selected on initial screening (about 50 artists)
Period of submit:September 18(Fri) 2015 – September 24(Thu) 2015
Date of Final screening:September 27(Sum) 2015

An unreleased work. The length and breadth is in each 170cm below and the weight is within 30kg and movable.*
* Photos, print works is limited to one.

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Schedule of TERRADA ART AWARD 2015

March 20 (Fri.)
Announcement of TERRADA ART AWARD 2015 outline
May 11 (Mon.) -­ July 6 (Mon.)
Submission period for the Initial screening
July 9 (Thu.) -­ July 14 (Tue.)
Initial screening by judges
July 15 (Wed.), 16 (Thu.)
Announcement of the Initial screening result. Notice to finalists.
July 17 (Fri.) -­ September 17 (Thu.)
Preparation period of artwork for the final screening (Candidates)
September 18 (Fri.) -­ September 24 (Thu.)
Carry in artworks for the final screening
September 27 (Sun.)
Final screening by judges, deciding prize winners
October 28 (Wed.)
October 30 (Fri.) - ­November 22 (Sun.)
Exhibition of the winners.

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