TERRADA ART AWARD 2015 Exhibition of the winners 2015.10.30 FRI - 11.22 SUN

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Warehouse TERRADA contributes to the development of modern arts by discovering talented young artists in Japan and supporting their artworks.


We discover artists with potentials and not only giving them cash prize but also supporting each winner even after the award.

Screening System


Screening is done in two stages. Only those who are selected on Initial Screening proceed to Final Screening.
Same works are allowed on Initial and Final Screening, however the works submitted for Final Screening must be unpublished.

Initial Screening (Image data screening)

Screening System: Judges select artworks by seeing the submitted image data.
Screening: About 50 artists will be selected for Final Screening.
Announcement of Results: Results will be announced to those who are selected via emails to the address submitted by mid July 2015.

Final Screening (Artworks screening)

Requirement: The artworks for Final Screening must be carried in predefined place by predefined schedule.
Screening: Judges select each winner of prize.

Grand Prize 1
Excellent Prize:1 7

Announcement of Results: Results will be announced to those who are selected via emails to the address submitted by October 20(Tue.) 2015.

Criterions of Screening

  1. 1)Having an adequate judgement and an intellect, and trying to transmit art works to the world by unique expression, perspective, and technique/style.
  2. 2)Attitude of keeping on creating work step-by-step with not only enthusiasm of works but also construction of wide knowledge of philosophy and history.
  3. 3)Aggressiveness of standing face-to-face with and reflect on oneself and showing a respect to traditional techniques without flattering fashion.

Judges (alphabetical order)

Artist/ Associate of professor of Hiroshima City University
Atsushi Suwa
Administration officer of Sato Cultural Scholarship Foundation/ chief curator of Sato Museum
Kei Tatejima
Washi Designer/ Representative director of ERIKO HORIKI ASSOCIATES Co., Ltd.
Eriko Horiki
Artist/ Professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design
Natsunosuke Mise
Mai Miyake
Art Producer/Director of Contemporary Art Foundation
Yumi Yamaguchi

Conflict of interest: In case when there is an interest between a judge and a submitter, the said judge will not attend the screening for the said submitter.
Change: The judge members are subject to change.

Adverse Claim

Submitters are NOT allowed to claim any complaints about the result of Initial Screening and Final Screening in any case.


〈1 Grand Prize〉

Prize of 5 million yen

The highest prize money and after supports for an award in Japan targeting youth.
The prize for an artist who was judged the best based on the Criterions of Screening. Actual amount that we will pay is the amount after deducting taxes and dues equivalent amount from the above.

〈7 Excellent Prize〉

Prize of a half million yen

The prize for artists who were judged excellent based on Criterions of Screening

〈Other Prizes〉

Warehouse TERRADA feels the need of continuous support for outstanding artists. We will support artists who are selected in TERRADA ART AWARD in various ways, and help them become International artists.

  1. 1)Providing up to 600,000yen/year for art supplies
  2. 2)Free rent of our atelier for 2 years
  3. 3)Up to 600,000yen/year subsidy for 2 years
  4. 4)Submission to Art Taipei and Art Fair Tokyo
  5. 5)Exposure on various media, PR
  6. 6)Holding of a solo exhibition at T-Art Gallery
  7. 7)Selling artworks including the old ones
  8. 8)Introducing to related field experts and stakeholders
  9. 9)Various supports (paper works for studying abroad, making applications etc.)

※We are planning on exhibiting the prize works in addition to publishing on the website. Winners must accept that the image of your prize works (works selected on final screening) will be published on other paper media and delivered over the Internet before submitting.

Award Ceremony

Date: October 29th (Thu.)
Location: T-Art Gallery, Warehouse TERRADA gallery space, 2-6-10, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo

※Details of Award Ceremony will be announced later.

Details for Application


No distinction according to nationality, professional or amateur artists. As for submission of group or others, please contact us in advance.
We will judge availability of submission and give you the instruction. (For example, submission with a name of representative, etc.)
Aged younger than 39 years old on July 6th, 2015. Artists younger than 20 years old need approval of parents.
You must carry your works into predefined place (Tennoz) on the predefined schedules with your own expense.
paintings, printings, photographs
Works must be created by submitter only.
Works you submit must NOT infringe copyright and other rights including third party ownership of the objects.
The Number of Works for Initial Screening
Within 2 artworks for each artist
About Artworks on initial screening
On initial Screening, unpublished works as well as published works are allowed.
In case of published work, you must report when, where and how it was published in advance.
Regulation of Works for Final Screening
In case of going beyond the regulation below, please contact us in advance. We will judge availability of submission
The total size (width & height) of the artwork must be under 170cm, and less than 30kg. Must be movable

How to Submit

Period of Submission
May 11th (Mon.) 2015 10:00 – July 6th (Mon.) 2015 23:59
How to
Fulfill necessary information into the submission form and send email with the attached image data of works during above period.
Data format must be JPEG.
※Within 20 MB in total and 4 images.
Must be real name (the name on the family register) on submission. For your identification, you may be asked to submit a copy of your passport or driver's license. It is possible to represent your artist name or another name as a finalist or winner. As for name representation, we will confirm separately.
Acceptance of submission
At the time of accept with submission form, “receipt number” will be given. After confirmation of submission fee receiving, we will notice the formal acceptance of submission by e-mail submitted in advance. With this notice your submission will complete. Please contact as in case of no notification from us after you complete the submission form. For inquiries, please include your “receipt number”.

Important Notice about Your Reception Number

The “Reception Number” given by the management office is extremely important information as it serves as an identifier of yourself referred by the office when you, as an applicant, make certain inquiries, or, vice versa, identifier of the office referred by you when it gives certain notice or information such as passers or award winners. Please ensure that the number is under strict control and never let anyone have an access to it.

Submission Fee

Fee: 3,000 yen
Refund: Once your submission has been accepted, we will not refund the fee for any reason.
Payment: Transfer above fee to the given account. Transfer fee is borne by submitter.

Final Screening

Finalists must resubmit work for Final Screening. The work must be an unpublished work and one-off piece. The work for Final Screening must be carried in predefined place by predefined schedule. The place and schedule will be announced to finalists later.
In case of not carrying in your work, you will be excluded from Final Screening for any reason whatsoever.

※You will be excluded from screening when we found that information on your submission form contradicts reality, and you act contrary to submission outline. After the announcement of Final Screening result, prize will be cancelled and prize cash must be returned. Please take an extra care.
※In case of revocation of prize, we will not round up prize.


Statement of Personal Information

Personal information from your submission will be used for the paperwork of this award and the information of T-Art Gallery and other service provided by Warehouse TERRADA. For others, we will use your information under the Information Privacy Statement of Warehouse TERRADA.

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