TERRADA ART AWARD 2015 Exhibition of the winners 2015.10.30 FRI - 11.22 SUN

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About First Prize and Each Prize Winning Artworks

TERRADA ART AWARD reception party was held on October 28th (Wed).

The first prize went to “Focus Chart 3” by SHIMURAbros.
Click the images below to get more information about the works.

First Prize

Focus Chart 3

SHIMURAbros | Focus Chart 3


The sister-brother art duo. Yuka (born in 1976 a graduate from MA Central Saint Martins, U.K.) and Kentaro (born in 1979 a graduate from Tokyo Polytechnic University), both from Kanagawa prefecture Japan.
Recipeints of many accolades including a Fellowship at POLA Art Foundation in 2014.
2015 Currently researchers at Studio Olafur Eliasson.
  • SUWA Atsushi Prize


    HIRAKAWA Kota | Ambiguouspainting-Blackrain(H.U)

  • TATEJIMA Kei Prize

    >im / mortal

    BABA Mioko | im / mortal

  • HORIKI Eriko Prize

    Hundred Layers of Colors

    Ono Koseki | Hundred Layers of Colors

  • MISE Natsunosuke Prize

    Ritual of evolution

    EDA Shiori | Ritual of evolution

  • MIYAKE Mai Prize

    The picture from a window

    MORIYAMA Saki | The picture from a window

  • YAMAGUCHI Yumi Prize

    Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Mori Hiroshi |Girl with a Pearl Earring



    TANI Masaya | Stealth

  • TERRDA Prize

    Girl with a Pearl Earring

    ARIMA Reina |Water tower


    Rewrite The Universe
    Origin of love
    ① Origin of love (left)
    ② Better half (right)
    MORITA Aya
    Perfect world
    KATO Masaomi
    SUZUKI Kaho
    MASUDA Masahiro
    HATA Yukiko
    physical address
    IMURA Kazha
    Room and laundry and I
    SUGASAWA Kaoru
    MIYATA Sayaka
    Finger Starfish
    KAWAKAMI Masafumi
    Drawing of my traced road
    MIYOSHI Rubii

Comments from judges

  • Artist / Associate Professor of Hiroshima City UniversityAtsushi Suwa

    We all anticipated to meet the best work by each applicant, but it was and still is a hard task to cope for them to show their real talent in the moment that would decide their fate. Art is not essentially blended into the competition.
    However, there is an occasion for artists that must achieve a winning ticket. The ticket went to those who have devoted themselves to the creation, thoroughly blushing up the concepts, while waiting for the opportunities. I think this is the proper conclusion.

  • A board member of Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) /
    Director of Sato Museum of Art
    Kei Tatejima

    The 57 artworks, passed the initial screening from the entries applied more than last year, were as high level as difficult to decide which one was better. The number of variation for the contemporary "planes" or "paintings" expressions has gathered here at one time. I felt a novelty of breaking down or transcendence against the customary plane expressions toward the first prize's work, redefining the fundamental concept of "looking at the work."

  • Washi Artist and Designer / CEO of ERIKO HORIKI ASSOCIATESEriko Horiki

    Many works were interesting in the visual manipulation created through their expression techniques and material selections and the originality with the texture of the works. Some pieces were way out from conventional paintings and printings, recognizing me that new challenges are going on in each field of art. Some pieces, on the other hand, re-recognized me the importance of a sense of scale that the expression should have been bigger so that would have been more effective, or the expression was too big to lose its appeal.

  • Artist / Professor of Tohoku University of Art and DesignNatsunosuke Mise

    It is not exaggerated to say that from the previous result, our point of view is being judged by applicants. The entries, which I have been looking forward to seeing, caught my eyes especially on the pieces in two potentials; intellectually reconstructing the meaning of "looking", and affirmatively importing a story. I have chosen Eda’s work for my prize, attracting me the work's mythical potential. Other applicants left out of the final selection that interested me were Baba Shinsaku, Otani Ikuyo, Mitobe Nanae, etc.

  • ArtistMai Miyake

    It was worthwhile to see more powerful artworks than last year. However, I realized how difficult to decide the works’ size since the bigger the works became, the more obvious the flaw revealed or the lower the density became. I felt the works by Moriyama, Ono, Watanabe, Suzuki, and Kato chose the best size to express and appeal their techniques. Works by Hori and Hirakawa were better on the initial screening. Also I feel this is an unfortunate result that Samejima, Minagawa, and T.Suzuki were not selected for the prize; Arima and Miyata were not selected for the winner.

  • Art Producer / Director of Contemporary Art Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) Yumi Yamaguchi

    The range of expression and the quality of the works became more high level than previous year that ended up in hot contest. I have a great expectation to SHIMURAbros. Please make a best effort to achieve the success, in real meaning.
    I would like to support them with my full strength when they output their new artworks into the world. I know it will be a hard way, but let's walk together.

TERRADA ART AWARD 2015 Reception & Party Report

TERRADA ART AWARD 2015 was held at T-Art Gallery on October 28th.
The brother-sister duo, SHIMURAbros won the first prize, and the prize money of 5 million yen was awarded.
Raising an age limit of applicants for this year allowed us to meet wider variety of artworks than last year.
We hope that our activity will lead ourselves to the everlasting contribution to the art business and culture.

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